DEPRECATED. Download data from the Spanish National Meterology Agency (AEMET)

downloadAEMEThistorical(api, dates, station_id = NULL, export = FALSE, 
                    exportDir = getwd(), exportFormat = "meteoland/txt", 
                    metadataFile = "MP.txt", verbose = TRUE)
downloadAEMETcurrentday(api, daily = TRUE, verbose = TRUE)



String with the AEMET API key (see


An object of class Date.


A string vector containing station ids (the list of stations for which historical climatic series are available is given by downloadAEMETstationlist).


If export = FALSE the downloaded data is stored in memory. Otherwise the result is written on the disk (using the format specified in exportFormat).


Output directory for downloaded meteorology.


Format of meteorological data. Current accepted formats are "castanea" and "meteoland".


The name of the file that will store the meta data describing all written files.


Boolean flag to print process information.


Boolean flag. Are data to be returned at a daily or hourly scale?


API key needs to be acquired from AEMET (


Function downloadAEMETstationlist returns a SpatialPointsDataFrame-class object containing the list of AEMET weather stations for which historical climatic series are available and can be retrieved using downloadAEMEThistorical.

Function downloadAEMEThistorical downloads data for the specified AEMET stations and dates. Data are availables for dates up to 4 days before current date. If export = FALSE, function downloadAEMEThistorical returns a SpatialPointsMeteorology-class object with the downloaded meteorology for each station (point). Otherwise the function writes on the disk at the location specified by exportDir and solelely returns a SpatialPointsDataFrame-class object containing the files metadata.

Function downloadAEMETcurrentday downloads recent weather (the last 24h) from all currently available stations and returns data frame if daily = FALSE or a SpatialPointsDataFrame-class object with observations aggregated at the daily scale if else.


Since ver. 1.0.1, weather data download functions included in meteoland make internal calls to functions in package meteospain. For an enhanced flexibility, users are recommended to call functions in meteospain themselves, and then to use function reshapemeteospain to generate data suitable for meteoland.

The list of stations available in downloadAEMETcurrentday (current observations) may be different from the list given by downloadAEMETstationlist and available in downloadAEMEThistorical (stations with historical climate series).


AEMET should be acknowledged as author of information when using this data.


Antoine Cabon, CTFC

Miquel De Cáceres Ainsa, CREAF