DEPRECATED. Download data from the Spanish Automatic Stations Network (non-professional)

downloadMETEOCLIMATICstationlist(station_id = "ESCAT")
downloadMETEOCLIMATICcurrentday(station_id = "ESCAT")



A string vector containing station ids (the list of stations for which current day climatic data is available is given by downloadMETEOCLIMATICstationlist). By default, returns the list of stations in Catalonia.


Meteoclimatic is a non-professional automatic stations network, maintained by volunteers that share the data from their climatic stations. Data offered by these stations has not passed any quality control.


Function downloadMETEOCLIMATICstationlist returns a SpatialPointsDataFrame-class object containing the list of Meteoclimatic weather stations for which data is available based on the station_id codes provided.

Function downloadMETEOCLIMATICcurrentday downloads recent weather (for the current day) from all currently available stations and returns a SpatialPointsDataFrame-class object with observations. Only acummulated precipitation, maximum and minimum temperature and relative humidity are returned.


Since ver. 1.0.1, weather data download functions included in meteoland make internal calls to functions in package meteospain. For an enhanced flexibility, users are recommended to call functions in meteospain themselves, and then to use function reshapemeteospain to generate data suitable for meteoland.


Meteoclimatic should be acknowledged as author of information when using this data.


Víctor Granda, EMF-CREAF

Miquel De Cáceres Ainsa, EMF-CREAF