Merges point or gridded meteorological data into a single object

mergepoints(..., verbose=TRUE)
mergegrids(..., verbose=TRUE)



Objects to be merged, either of class SpatialPointsMeteorology, SpatialGridMeteorology or SpatialPixelsMeteorology. All objects of the same class.


A logical flag to indicate console output.


Function mergepoints requires all coordinate reference systems to the same. The function allows merging data from the same points (i.e. if they have the same coordinates). Function mergegrids pools dates and variables, but spatial structures (i.e. grid topology, pixel indices, reference system, ...) should be the same for all objects to be merged.


Function codemergepoints returns an object SpatialPointsMeteorology-class. Function mergegrids returns an object SpatialGridMeteorology-class or an object SpatialPixelsMeteorology-class, depending on the input.


Miquel De Cáceres Ainsa, CREAF