Function precipitation_concentration() calculates daily precipitation concentration (Martin-Vide et al. 2004). Function precipitation_rainfallErosivity() calculates a multi-year average of monthly rainfall erosivity using the MedREM model proposed by Diodato and Bellochi (2010) for the Mediterranean area (see also Guerra et al. 2016).

precipitation_rainfallErosivity(x, long, scale = "month", average = TRUE)



A numeric vector with daily precipitation values.


A data frame of meteorological variables (dates as row names and variables as columns).


Longitude in degrees.


Either 'month' or 'year'.


Boolean flag to calculate multi-year averages before applying MedREM's formula.


Function precipitation_concentration() returns a value between 0 (equal distribution of rainfall) and 1 (one day concentrates all rainfall). Function precipitation_rainfallErosivity() returns a vector of twelve values (one for each month) (in MJ·mm·ha-1·h-1·month-1) or one value (in in MJ·mm·ha-1·h-1·yr-1) depending on the scale.


Miquel De Cáceres Ainsa, CREAF.


MedREM model is: Rm = b0·P·sqrt(d)·(alpha + b1*longitude), where P is cumulated precipitation and d is maximum daily precipitation. Parameters used for the MedREM model are b0 = 0.117, b1 = -0.015, alpha = 2. Note that there is a mistake in Guerra et al. (2016) regarding parameters b1 and a.


Diodato, N., Bellocchi, G., 2010. MedREM, a rainfall erosivity model for the Mediter-ranean region. J. Hydrol. 387, 119–127, doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2010.04.003.

Guerra CA, Maes J, Geijzendorffer I, Metzger MJ (2016) An assessment of soil erosion prevention by vegetation in Mediterranean Europe: Current trends of ecosystem service provision. Ecol Indic 60:213–222. doi: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2015.06.043.

Martin-Vide J (2004) Spatial distribution of a daily precipitation concentration index in peninsular Spain. International Journal of Climatology 24, 959–971. doi:10.1002/joc.1030.