The R package medfateland has been designed to extend the capabilities of package medfate to the landscape level. It allows running the stand-level models available in medfate on points and cells within landscape. More importantly, medfateland allows considering spatial hydrological processes in forested watersheds. Hence, medfateland can be used as a tool for eco-hydrological applications.

Package installation

Since both packages evolve together, installing medfateland normally requires an up-to-date version of medfate. The package is not available from CRAN because it is still under active development. Beta versions of package medfateland can be installed from GitHub as follows:


As with medfate, one may force the installation of package vignettes for medfateland, by using:

                         build_opts = c("--no-resave-data", "--no-manual"),
                         build_vignettes = TRUE)


  • The package installation includes a number of vignettes that illustrate how to run simulation models in medfateland.

  • The user is also advised to read vignettes included in package medfate.

  • Additional documentation of the package, including a reference book, can be found at