Defines an object containing fire regime parameters for simulations of forest dynamics.

create_fire_regime(annual_burned_area, sd_burned_area = NULL, doy = NULL)



A named vector of burned area in hectares for simulation years.


A named vector of standard deviation (in log scale) of burned area. If specified, annual target to burn will be determined using a log-normal distribution with mean values given by annual_burned_area.


A named integer vector with the day of the year (i.e. between 1 and 366) when fires will be simulated for each simulation year in annual_burned_area. If NULL fires will be simulated on the driest day (i.e. when vapor pressure deficit is largest).


A list with the supplied parameters


Names of annual_burned_area should be simulation years. If provided, sd_burned_area should be a vector of the same size as annual_burned_area and have the same names.


Miquel De Cáceres Ainsa, CREAF


# Fire regime with pre-defined burned area values
reg1 <- create_fire_regime(annual_burned_area = c("2002" = 1000, "2003" = 5000)) 

# Fire regime with log-normal distribution for burned area
reg2 <- create_fire_regime(annual_burned_area = c("2002" = 1000, "2003" = 5000),
                           sd_burned_area = c("2002" = 0.9, "2003" = 0.8))